De Waarheid over Diabetes


Whenever you have the ability to help your fellow human beings, then this possibility ceases to exist and becomes a responsibility!

This is my motto and my name is Alexander Olislagers:

My mission is to reduce diabetes and for this purpose, this new web site has been opened, for which I need your help .......

Let's end this diabetes epidemic once and for all!

Fortunately, every day, like me, people cure from diabetes and are no longer dependent on medication.

Medication is not the solution!

Therapists, nutritionists, researchers, and other experts will show you exactly how to "prevent" yourself from preventing diabetes in "The Truth About Diabetes." But there is also a lot of information about all kinds of issues that may arise with this matter. On the Information, Awareness and Prevention pages, this information is read in clear language. The Netherlands and Belgium together count more than 1.7 million people with diabetes and another 1,500 people attend. In addition, another 1 million have diabetes, but they do not know yet! Diabetes begins to adopt epidemic forms and is not limited to Type 1 and 2, but now type 3 has been added. Also, more and more young people develop rapidly Diabetes.


We will keep you informed of all developments regarding diabetes.

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